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Embrace the Outdoors: Walkability and Expansive Open Spaces Await

The Parks of Lake Charles is designed to prioritize walking and biking through a connected street network of sidewalks, paths, and multi-use pathways. The new street design is connected to the large, central park, and will draw activity to and from the commercial, through the park, and into an inviting, walkable community. The site design provides for a clear pedestrian route through the community, that will improve the pedestrian experience along the main thoroughfare of Avenue du Portage. Buildings are oriented towards the street, with smaller setbacks and side yards. Smaller commercial footprints, and townhouses are also now included along Avenue du Portage. This tighter-knit placement of buildings, and introduction of more human-scaled units creates more continuous interest along the street and invites more pedestrian activity.

The Parks of Lake Charles will include two designated park areas, each centrally located for easy access by all residents, and sits across from the commercial hub on Avenue du Portage—we expect a synergy between the recreational and commercial uses and have made this area the focus of our upgrade program. The park will include active sport courts/fields with viewing areas and parking, a play structure, a hardscaped gathering node, benches, landscape plantings and grassed areas for social gathering.

The site will also include 1.2 km of trails throughout the parkland for enhanced connectivity beyond the street network, between and through parks.

Enhanced Accessibility: Transit, Parking & Road System Integration

The concept includes a public multi-use path system, creating an environment where residents have direct, convenient, walkable connections to private and public amenities and services, including public transit.

The proposal includes improvements to existing streets along with a mixed use path for cyclists and pedestrians to comfortably access Shubie Park as well as the proposed parks within the development.

Grocery and Retail Experience

The Parks of Lake Charles lands were strategically selected due to their proximity to a grocery store, retail, service essentials, schools, nearby employment opportunities, and good road connections to 100-series network. We have proposed a central commercial area in the development to act as a commercial centre for the community and provide for the day-to-day shopping needs of residents.

The Parks are just minutes from restaurants, shops and services including:

  • Shubenacadie Canal Waterway
  • Nine Locks Brewery
  • Mic Mac Bar and Grill
  • Dartmouth Crossing
  • Ikea
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • Playdium
  • Cineplex Cinemas
  • 2 Doors Down
  • Moxies
  • Costco
  • Walmart


When choosing a school that best suits your child, understanding their needs and priorities is crucial. The Parks of Lake Charles offers a convenient location, providing your family with numerous educational options. Use the school finder link provided by the Halifax Regional Municipality to locate the closest schools.

Please take note that to utilize the school locator link above and determine the school your children will be assigned to, it is necessary to provide your street name and civic number.

School Locator

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