The project receives questions from neighbours, local representatives, and media. The following frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers will be updated throughout the project development to continually share our progress and inform interested parties with the information they seek.

There is a significant demand for residential development throughout Halifax. The property is one of the limited undeveloped properties predetermined for municipal services in the municipality and has undergone numerous studies since 2009 to enable a planned development on the site. In 2022, the province declared the site a special planning area to expedite the development of the property due to the region’s housing shortage, making the Executive Panel on Housing the approving authority for the project. Clayton intends to assist the province in meeting the demand for housing.
Yes, the Regional Plan identifies Port Wallace as a potential future growth area—a new community to be serviced with municipal services. The comprehensive planning process started in 2014 through initiation by the Regional Council. Part of the approval for the development includes a new secondary municipal planning strategy, land use by-law and development agreement for the site to clarify regulations for development with multiple landowners on the project.
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The entirety of the site is not owned by Clayton Developments, with existing landowners having portions of the development. For Clayton’s portion of the site, builder partners will be carefully selected as the project further progresses. Clayton has worked with several professional developers for more than 70 years and holds each to very stringent construction covenants and quality.
There are a number of parks proposed as part of the development:

  1. A central park incorporating a central common, playground, and tennis courts opposite the commercial area along the extension of Avenue du Portage.
  2. A sports field and associated parking lot adjacent to the proposed school site close to the Waverley Road.
  3. Three other linear trail parks assisting with connectivity throughout the development.

The development of this new mixed-use community is a result of extensive public engagement and detailed study, including the Shubenacadie Lakes Subwatershed Study (AECOM: April 2013), Land Suitability Analysis (WSP: February 2016), and the Port Wallace Master Plan Infrastructure Study (CBCL: January 2018). The secondary planning study is informed by multiple public engagement initiatives and guided by a public participation committee.
Yes, an additional round of public engagement will happen in late summer with the proposed design prior to consideration by the Executive Panel on Housing.
Land clearing has begun, and construction is targeted for fall of 2022.
Construction is phased, with the entire development taking approximately 15 years.
We expect a transit connection to follow along the extension of Avenue du Portage.
There is contamination from former Montague Mines gold tailings within nearby lands owned by the province and municipality, with primary areas of concern near Barry’s Run and outside of the development area. Due to this, managing stormwater is particularly important for this project to regulate flows into rivers and streams to prevent the disturbance of former gold mine tailings on riverbeds and downstream ecosystems. Clayton has prepared a stormwater plan for the province to address this, which will be particularly important to the management of development in later phases of the project.
We are at the final stages of working with HRM on the plan for the community. There will be one final period of engagement with the Municipality prior to finalizing the development. The approving authority will now be the Executive Panel on Housing rather than the Halifax Regional Council.
It is anticipated that the first new homes will begin construction in August 2023. It currently takes approximately 8 – 12 months to construct a home from start to finish (not including larger custom homes).
The price of a new home depends on the many variables/specifications (size, finishings, mechanics, etc.) of each home design. Once the new home construction is nearing completion, and the homebuilder is in a position to advertise the listing price, they will likely list it publicly through a licensed realtor or sales representative.

Additionally, over the next number of years, the community will include a mix of single family products ranging from townhomes, semi-detached homes and single detached homes, all at varying price ranges.

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