Denny-Crosby Family

“It takes a village to raise a child and our neighbours in the Parks of West Bedford are a big part of our village. Any parent in West Bedford will tell you the truth of this statement. We call it group parenting. We look out for each other’s kids like they’re our own. We’ve already chatted about how important this will be over the years – we’re in training for their high school days right now. For now, while our kids are young, it’s about leaving them with our neighbours when we need to run a quick errand and our five-year-old is covered in mud because she’s making ‘potions’ in the neighbours’ backyard. Or it’s combining whatever is in our fridge with whatever is in our neighbours’ fridge to create a spontaneous dinner together. Our lives are so much better and so much easier because of where we live. The Parks is the very definition of community and that’s the reason we love it here.”

Meet the Neighbours! Dave Denny and Jennie Crosby Denny live in Stonington Park with their sweet children Georgia and Theo. This family loves to have fun, and can often be found playing at the park, having backyard barbecues with the neighbours and taking in all West Bedford has to offer.

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