MacGillvray Family

“We’ve been here since the very beginning, as one of the first families to officially move in on Hollyhock Way. We’ve watched the community build up around us. We had always lived in Bedford but moved here because we wanted new construction, but we still wanted to hang on to the close amenities and general feeling of living ‘in town’. West Bedford was the only area that could offer that, in addition to natural surroundings, parks and trails.” – Matt

“We absolutely made the right choice! We’ve made long lasting friendships and established traditions with neighbours we all look forward to every year, like our Grading Day BBQ and Halloween Potluck before trick or treating with the kids. We create our own fun here through organized community events and the kids’ summer soccer league coached by neighbourhood parents. Because the homes are close knit, we see one another often and stop to chat while walking down the street, mowing the lawn, waiting at the school bus stop, or picking up our kids at the nearby daycare – it’s walkable! We’re a neighbourhood family! There’s an outdoorsy lifestyle here that breeds impromptu socializing for kids and adults all seasons of the year.” – Amy

Meet the neighbours! Matt, Amy, Abby, Jonah and Caleb MacGillivray love living in Stonington Park. Their favourite activities in the community include bike rides, meeting friends at the playground and backyard gatherings. Abby, Jonah and Caleb have dubbed a large tree with overhanging branches along the trail their “clubhouse”, so if you see the MacGillivray family hiding out under a tree, stop and say hello! They may just invite you in for mudpies!

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