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The Parks of Lake Charles is an exciting new mixed-use community in Dartmouth, NS that sets the bar for contemporary community planning. This dynamic development will seamlessly integrate residential and commercial properties, schools, parks, and preserves, creating a harmonious blend with the surrounding rivers and streams. Our vision is to foster an active and sustainable lifestyle by creating a network of inviting sidewalks and trails, encouraging cycling and walking not only within the community but also to nearby attractions like Shubie Park. At The Parks of Lake Charles, we take pride in our unified architectural design, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment for all residents.
Discover a range of housing styles to suit your preferences, from apartments and townhomes to bungalows and two-storey homes. Embrace the abundance of green spaces, playgrounds, and trails that will be nestled within and around the community, offering endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation. With its own convenient neighborhood shopping area adjacent to the proposed central park, daily essentials and indulgent retail therapy will be just steps away. And for those seeking a larger retail experience, Dartmouth Crossing and Mic Mac Mall will be within easy reach, ensuring that all your shopping desires are catered to.
Welcome to a community that will go beyond expectations, where contemporary living will meet natural beauty, and where every day will bring new opportunities for adventure, relaxation, and connection.
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The Parks of Lake Charles

The images below may not reflect exactly what is built in Lake Charles.
They are meant to provide an idea of what may come!
Cresco Home Style
Cresco Home Style
Cresco Home Style
Rooftight Home Style
Rooftight Home Style
Rooftight Home Style

Crafting Homes for Perfect Settings

Experience a home that seamlessly merges with the natural beauty of the landscape, creating a warm and inviting sanctuary. Choose from a carefully curated collection of idyllic home styles, thoughtfully selected to complement the vibrant lifestyle of The Parks of Lake Charles. These timeless designs are more than just houses; they are long-term investments that will continue to appreciate in value for generations to come. Your perfect home awaits, where nature and comfort converge in harmony.

To learn more about how to purchase your home, kindly get in touch with one of our builders.


The Builders of the Parks

Trust the best builders at The Parks of Lake Charles. Our exceptional team brings solid experience and unwavering integrity to every project, ensuring your vision and lifestyle are expertly crafted into reality.
Meet the Builders
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