Approval Process & Requirements

Prior to designing a home, please contact us to set up a preliminary meeting to confi rm the design direction for your area.

Final Plans will be approved based on meeting outcomes, and Design Guidelines, in order to meet the expectations of those choosing to call The Parks of Lake Charles their home.

These Design Guidelines do not supercede the Land Use By-Law or Development Agreement. Please refer to the Port Wallace Land Use By-law and Development Agreement for further details.

Note: All photos used in these Design Guidelines are for inspiration only and do not necessarily comply with all requirements.

Item Requiring Approval Documents to Provide Submission Time
Architectural Styling and Design Details of Home Elevations
Floor plans
Front facade area*
Area of Shaw product to be used in accordance with Table 1 (pg 7) and the purchase and sale agreement.
*Measured as the entire front of the home excluding the garage door opening and entry door.
Following the preliminary design meeting & prior to building permit application.
Exterior Materials & Colour Exact product name and colour, and elevation or description clarifying the location of use on facade. Prior to ordering supplies.
Siting and Grading of Home None – We will coordinate the siting and grading in accordance with the provided house plans.
This service is provided once per lot. If additional revisions are desired, this may be done at the expense of the owner.
Anytime prior to building permit application.
Location and Appearance of Shed Site plan showing the requested location and dimensions of the shed.
Description, including materials, colours and appearance of shed.
Note: Approvals do not supercede or replace any HRM permits or by-laws.
Prior to applying for permits, as applicable, and/or purchasing materials/pre-made unit
Location and Appearance of Fencing Site plan showing the requested location of the fence.
Description, including the length, materials, and colours.
Prior to construction, and/or purchasing materials.
The removal of any tree exceeding 50mm (2″) in diameter from your property Please contact our office to discuss the removal of the tree(s).
You may be required to submit photos, and/or a site visit may be carried out, and followed by written approval.
Prior to tree removal.
Installation of any solar panels, antenna, or other exterior addition Plan detailing where the equipment will be installed, details on the dimensions of the equipment, and means of attachment to the home exterior. Prior to purchasing or installing equipment.
Final Lot Grading Lot Grading Certificate (Final topographic shots representing as-built grades on lot, approved by a registered surveyor).
Elevations should be taken at the location of each grade originally shown on the provided siting and grading plan, to confirm grading is in accordance with the lot specific siting and grading plan.
Within six (6) months of completing construction on the home.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, or to submit your documents, please contact Greg French at:
t: 902 445 2000, press ‘3’ for Covenant Inquiries and House Design Approvals

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