Planting & Vegetation

  • No living tree greater than 50mm (2”) in diameter at its widest point may be cut without the approval of

Note: This statement refers to living trees, and does not preclude maintenance or removal of trees which are dead. Where trees appear to be dying, or at risk of falling, or if you would like to remove healthy living trees, please contact LCHL, for a prompt response and approval as appropriate.

In accordance with the applicable Land Use By-Law:, Section PG-173(1): …in any portion of a front, flanking, side, or rear yard that is not used for driveways, parking, off-street loading spaces, walkways, wheelchair ramps, stairs, or accessory structures shall be landscaped.

Section 173(2): …a minimum of one new tree that is not a shrub, with a minimum base caliper of 50 millimetres, shall be required for any new main building.

Section 173(3): An existing tree that is not a shrub, which meets the minimum base caliper of 50 millimetres, can be counted towards the new tree required in Subsection PG-173(2).

An additional tree is required by LCHL for single detached dwellings, for a total of two (2) trees.


  • The use of alternatives to sod are encouraged.

Completion Of Landscaping

  • Landscaping and driveway areas will be completed within six (6) months from the date of substantial home completion.
  • Upon the completion of landscaping, a lot grading certificate must be submitted for our review.

Shed & Fence Approvals

  • Sheds/outbuildings shall use the same exterior colours and materials as the main house, unless otherwise approved by LCHL.
  • Fences must be constructed out of acceptable materials, such as:
    • Wood (horizontal slat fences are encouraged)
    • Decorative iron fence
    • Black chain link fence
    • Vinyl fencing
  • The use of hedges and greenery to define properties is encouraged.


  • Garbage, green and recycle bins must be shielded from view from the street by fencing, an architectural
    feature of the home, or vegetation/shrubs where appropriate, unless otherwise approved.
  • Propane tanks and communications boxes should be shielded from view via vegetation or an architectural
    feature where possible
  • Privacy screening is encourage on decks and balconies.

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