Architectural Design

  • No two adjacent house facades, nor facades directly across the street from one another, are permitted to be substantially the same, unless otherwise approved by LCHL.
  • The front facade, in particular, must achieve balance amongst the window, door and garage openings, as well as other facade details; not leaving large areas of blank wall space on the front of the home.
  • Homes on corner lots require similar decorative architectural details and treatments on the flank side of the home, as found on the front of the home.
  • There shall be a maximum of seven (7) exterior steps, in each straight run, from entryway to garage level.
  • Where columns are used, they must complement the homes architecture and must not have a dimension less than 200mm (8”). If columns are wooden, they must be stained and painted.
  • The roof pitch must be minimum 8/12 side to side for New Traditional Style homes unless otherwise approved by LCHL.
  • Garage door must match the architectural style of the house and requires glazing or transom window.
  • The main entryways are encouraged to be covered.
  • Roof orientation is encouraged to be designed for optimal sun exposure in order to provide the opportunity for solar panel addition.
  • Sheltered outdoor space is encouraged.


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